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What is CD-R and CD-RW?
CD-R is short for “CD-Recordable.” Recordable CDs are WORM (Write Once, Read Multiple) media that work just like standard CDs. The advantage of CD-R over other types of optical media is that you can use the discs with a standard CD player. The disadvantage is that you can’t reuse a disc.

A related technology called CD-Rewritable (CD-RW) allows you to erase discs and reuse them, but the CD-RW media doesn’t work in all players. CD-Rewritable drives are able to write both CD-R and CD-RW discs. All CD recorders can read CDs and CD-ROMs, just like a standard CD-ROM drive.

How much information can a CD-R hold?
About 74 minutes of audio, or about 650MB of data. Some CD-R blanks can hold 80 minutes of audio, or about 700MB of data. There are also specialty CD-R products such as Mini CD-R (which hold 180 MB data) and Business Card CD-R (which hold 50 MB data).

What is DVD-R?
DVD-R discs are the recordable version of the popular DVD format. DVD-R discs have the same physical size as CD-R, but can hold as much as seven times the amount of data. Current DVD-R format allows for 4.7GB of storage. The increased storage capacity lends itself to applications like media presentations, data archiving, and large volume data distribution. You must have a DVD drive in order to read a DVD-R disc.

What is the difference between a DVD-ROM and a DVD-R copy?
DVD-ROM discs are produced by physically stamping encoded information onto a poly carbonate substrate. As with the CD-ROM, data is transferred to a master stamper and replicates are produced by pressing the discs from the master. DVD-R discs have a recordable dye that, when exposed to a concentrated laser beam, allows information to be encoded or burned into the disc.

Can all DVD-ROM drives read the DVD-R copies I need to distribute?
At this time, industry surveys suggest that 98% of all DVD-ROM drives can read DVD-R copies. Early generations of DVD-ROM drives have compatibility issues which prevent the DVD-R format from being 100% compatible. To achieve the highest level of playability in the field you should use the highest quality media available and apply stringent copy and verification procedures when duplicating your discs.

I see several different types of DVD recordable drives on the market. What are the differences?
At this time the DVD-R is the clear choice for small run data and content distribution. Runs with larger quantities and longer lead times should still consider the DVD-ROM replicated discs. The remaining formats have specialized applications including the ability to record and re-write multiple times to the same disc. Below is a listing of the various DVD drive and disc offerings. It is meant to provide a simple overview of the many different types of DVD media currently available to consumers. If you require a specific answer to a question, please contact Double-Data. We’ll be glad to help.

Terms & Definitions

DVD-R - General purpose is the clear choice for data and content distribution.
Authoring format is used for providing masters when making DVD-ROM discs.

DVD+R - Write once variation of DVD-RW+ introduced in early 2002.
Promises increased compatibility in DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives.
Requires DVD+R drives and media designated as DVD+R for recording.

DVD-RW - Format allows for applications requiring rewritable media.
Not as compatible with DVD-RIM drive as DVD-R.
Typically must be erased before re-writing.

DVD+RW - Format allows for applications requiring rewritable media.
Has the ability to rewrite without erasing contents of the entire disc.

Format typically used for data storage and retrieval, not data and content distribution.
Incompatibility issues reading from drives other then DVD-RAM drives.

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