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Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services
Failed hard drive recoveryRAID Recovery, SQL and Exchange Servers,
PCs, Mac, Laptop Hard Drives and External Hard Drives

Local Data Recovery Service center in Wake Forest

Hard drive data recovery typically takes 5 to 7 business days – Emergency service is available

Your recovered data is returned on a new USB external hard drive or a thumb drive

Guarantee – If your data is recoverable, we’ll recover it or there’s no charge!

The Data Recovery Process

Once we receive your hard drive (or other media), our data recovery engineers diagnose the problem and provide you with an exact price. Serious and permanent data loss can occur if you attempt to repair it yourself, or have a computer repair shop or individual who lacks the necessary tools, equipment and experience attempt repairs. This is especially true if you hear a clicking or grinding noise coming from your hard drive. These sounds indicate that the platter surfaces are being scraped and could make any chance of successfully recovering files from your hard drive impossible. Our data recovery engineers do not take any unnecessary risks with your valuable data.

Once your data is recovered, our data recovery specialists provide you with a list of recoverable files and work with you to verify that your critical files have been recovered. After the data is verified, your data is saved on a new external USB external hard drive or thumb drive. We then ship the new external USB hard drive with your data back to you. The entire process takes usually 5-7 business days from the time you authorize us to proceed. Emergency data recovery service is available for urgent situations.

Typical Signs of a Hard Drive Failure

You may have been getting warnings that your hard drive will ‘crash’ soon. If you hear a clicking sound, or are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is a strong indication that there is a serious problem with your hard drive. This could indicate a head crash, corrupt firmware on the disk drive’s ROM chip, an electrical problem like a burned chip, blown heads, a bad PCB controller, overwritten servo’s, damage to the hard drive’s platters and alignment issues from being dropped, jarred or a power surge.

Double Data Recovery Has the Experience to Successfully Recover Your Data

The data recovery industry has been around for years but there are only a handful of experienced data recovery companies who are able to successfully restore data from failed hard drives and complex RAID configurations. It is vital for you to remember that computer repair shops, IT firms, Geek Squad and Best Buy are not data recovery specialists. They are computer repair specialists. It’s like comparing your family doctor to a heart or brain surgeon. When valuable and irreplaceble data is on the line, you need a specialist like Double Data Recovery.

While many individuals and businesses go to great lengths to back-up their critical data, there are others who don’t believe they will ever need data recovery.

Double Data Recovery knows how important your files are, and we are dedicated to recover data for our customers as quickly and painlessly as possible. In nearly every case, we are capable of a complete data restoration of your hard drive. Our data recovery specialists are committed to helping you through the process. We have been successfully recovering data from crashed hard drives, failed servers, multiple hard drive failures in a RAID, corrupt databases, formatted hard disks, and deleted files since 1995.

We have successfully recovered data from all Dell, HP, IBM, Compaq, Gateway Servers and operating systems, including SQL database servers, Exchange servers, web servers (Apache and Microsoft IIS), business application servers, document management systems, and content management systems.

Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Recovery
Emergency Service available

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